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1. Donate plasma
2. Buy a cheap, $5 bottle of white wine (Fish Eye, chilled)
3. Open up Premiere

I'm really going to miss these days once I have to get a grown-up job.

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It's a Merlin vid, right?

Just go with it.
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Been watching some of my terrible (and so, unposted) Merlin vids, and found one where I specifically thought, amongst all the dragonblood/dragondaddy rumors from the end of series two, that Merlin would find out that he can control dragons and thus, also, Arthur Pendragon.

Feel free to point me to where this fic is, btw.

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Remember how that Vividcon Auction thingy is still going on?

For any future bidders inquiring about the state of my mind, I promise that if you want a Merlin vid to a song that doesn't somehow feature Beyonce or, closely-related, Jay-Z,

I can do that.

Besides, I'm waiting on footage from season 4 to finish "Upgrade U".

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Remember the VIVIDCON AUCTION is still going on  until April 3 (but don't wait until the last minute to bid)! Early this morning I thought, why not, and added Sherlock and Burn Notice to last night's list of vids I will make for YOU! If you have any questions about what I am willing to do for you (which is, basically, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you EVER wanted) then comment on this post (comments are screened)!

And remember that you don't have to be attending the con to bid, and you can always POOL RESOURCES with your closest friends and make me your vidding bitch. Y'all, let's do this thing!

* * *
It is time for the VIVIDCON AUCTION and I am on the auction block this year! I am willing to vid these fandoms:
  • Breaking Bad
  • Slings & Arrows
  • Friday Night Lights
  • The Wire
  • Merlin
  • Parks & Rec
  • Community
  • Treme
  • Felicity

Also, fandoms that I forgot I love and am willing to vid:
  • True Blood
  • Arrested Development
  • Spartacus
... and, perhaps, some Smallville if we can contain it to seasons 8, 9, or 10!

  • Any movie that you may really want to see vidded!
  • ETA: Or I can make a multi-movie thematic vid (about DANCING to find TRUE LOVE, or ICE-SKATING to find TRUE LOVE, or KILLING ZOMBIES to find TRUE LOVE, etc.)

So, just leave me a message on this post if you want to ask about any source/song choice/direction stuff, because really, this auction is ALL ABOUT YOU!!!1! (And if I did it right, comments are screened!)
* * *

So there's this show, where everybody is dead and dogs are rabid and skyscrapers crumble and topple and the Superdome becomes a tropical haven and there was even an episode that determined at what point the U.S. Constitution would be exposed to the elements and rot away sans air conditioning, called "Life After People". 


AND? IT IS BOUNCY, BRILLIANT, HAPPY FUN. Seriously. Check it out: fv-poster.livejournal.com/tag/f%3A%20life%20after%20people

So the next time you're looking for a vid to satisfy your world destruction hurt/comfort appetite, look no further. Thank you anonymous festividder!

RECS to come. Once I have time to actually watch all 200-something festivids.

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bouncy bouncy
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I had a fantastic time participating in festivids this year and made a couple of vids!

for wyomingnot ,  I made:

Space Oddity
vidders: Cappy and sisabet
song: David Bowie
Fandom: Community

"Kentucky 1, do you read me?" 

Download the 30 mb xvid file here

for sweetestdrain 

Get Some
Fandom: The Millenium Trilogy
Song: Lykke Li
You gon' get some

Content Note: Sexual Violence (extreme)

Download the 30 mb xvid here

for trelkez 

The Next Time You Say Forever
Fandom: Felicity
song: Neko Case

Noel Crane is a sensitive dude.

Download the 10mb xvid here

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I'm sure a lot of people have felt this way before, but tvtropes.org really does make it easier for me to understand Abed.
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