cappylicious (cappylicious) wrote,

FESTIVIDS 2010!!!1! "Space Oddity", "Get Some", "The Next Time You Say Forever"

I had a fantastic time participating in festivids this year and made a couple of vids!

for wyomingnot ,  I made:

Space Oddity
vidders: Cappy and sisabet
song: David Bowie
Fandom: Community

"Kentucky 1, do you read me?" 

Download the 30 mb xvid file here

for sweetestdrain 

Get Some
Fandom: The Millenium Trilogy
Song: Lykke Li
You gon' get some

Content Note: Sexual Violence (extreme)

Download the 30 mb xvid here

for trelkez 

The Next Time You Say Forever
Fandom: Felicity
song: Neko Case

Noel Crane is a sensitive dude.

Download the 10mb xvid here


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