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FESTIVIDS 2010!!!1! "Space Oddity", "Get Some", "The Next Time You Say Forever"

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I had a fantastic time participating in festivids this year and made a couple of vids!

for wyomingnot ,  I made:

Space Oddity
vidders: Cappy and sisabet
song: David Bowie
Fandom: Community

"Kentucky 1, do you read me?" 

Download the 30 mb xvid file here

for sweetestdrain 

Get Some
Fandom: The Millenium Trilogy
Song: Lykke Li
You gon' get some

Content Note: Sexual Violence (extreme)

Download the 30 mb xvid here

for trelkez 

The Next Time You Say Forever
Fandom: Felicity
song: Neko Case

Noel Crane is a sensitive dude.

Download the 10mb xvid here

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On August 25th, 2012 05:00 am (UTC), keerawa commented:
Bestest Troy & Abed vid EVER
Amazing song choice, with the Saunders episode to structure this vid around. You had me at Abed's Predator roar in the intro. The countdown. The fall of the blanket fort, oh my god.

The E Pluribus Unum transition at 2:02 made me laugh out loud. The claps at 2:25, oh my heart! "Tell my wife I love very much. She knows."
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