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8 April
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Hello, I'm Cappy. Cappylicious. Caphricacorn (except on youtube, where I'm Caprhicacorn, because youtube kills brain cells and all attempts at correct spelling). I've been off LJ for a few years. When I left I was into the Smallville fandom, and I've recently gotten back into Merlin, or Smallville two-point-oh. Fannishly (I think that's a word) I enjoy everything to do with vids (making, watching, discussing) and reading fics. I have a serious need to always be reading something Merlin/Arthur or Bradley/Colin (the dirtier, the better) and I especially love really dark fics and vids. I usually have about 30 tabs of this stuff open on my browser but today I have thrice that because I'm trying to read all of kinkme_merlin.

Also, I'm the younger sister of both sisabet and drdawn, so uh, blame them for my corruption. And QaF.